Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hold that thought

It’s been a while since I’ve jotted down my thoughts and adventures. We spent most of the summer on Long Island with Aboy’s job. I didn’t travel with him much because most of the work he was doing was local (and I was not interested in sitting in traffic on the LIE), so I spent my summer near the pool and hanging out with my friends. That is also the reason that my Trucker in Training adventures came to an abrupt halt. I love Aboy for affording me a vacation. To be honest – summer on Long Island was fabulous compared to the Texas summer that the kids dealt with (60+ days of 100+ temps) and for that I am TRULY grateful!

I fancy myself on being a “Jane of all trades”. Because I’m an independent woman (and the only son my father raised), I have worked on cars (dropped a tranny, changed starters, thermostats, etc), drove a cab (a male dominated industry), moved furniture (dressers, sofas, mattresses)… I think it’s safe to say – I don’t put limits on myself.  If something needs to be done, generally I jump right in. 

In saying that, I am going to put my truck driving aspirations on temporary hold. As I’ve worn many hats over the years – the one I wear most proudly is my “MOM” hat. It is a job I take seriously. I have adult children (all over 18), but that doesn’t mean that my parenting and obligations ceased. I am committed to my children’s success, no matter how old they get. What’s crazy is – it’s not like they need me to make sure their homework is done or that they wake up on time for work, it’s more like I bring “calm” to the house and it allows them to worry about their priorities. I don’t allow them to shun their responsibilities and I don’t involve myself in their personal relationships or business – but, they know – I’ve got their back. So, as I’ve done many times over the years – I’m putting “me” on hold for a little bit. It just means that I have a couple more years until I can truly commit to a life on the road. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

So, stay posted for my newest hobbies and adventures. My life is never dull and most of this stuff – I can’t make up!

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