Thursday, June 23, 2011

Earning potential

When we stop at a truck stop, I pick up the periodicals that are located near the exits. “Trucker Jobs”, “Jobs for Teams”, “Owner Operator’s” and shit like that. I’m trying to learn as much as I can and since Aboy’s extent of teaching me things consists of “Shut it up Boo, all right?”… I have to do my own research. I knew truckers made a living wage (somewhere above poverty), but did you know that there are truckers out there making between $100k-$300k per year???

Prior to reading all this, I was all ready contemplating driving full time as a team with Aboy. I mean the training part seems to be working out OK. Besides a sore ass and not being able to straighten my hair when I want to – it’s do-able.

We were talking one day and I proposed to Aboy: “What if, after Raquel finishes playing basketball, we sell everything and just live out of the truck for a few years? We could drive as much as we can, save up as much as we can and then assess the situation to see if we’re where we need to be to retire.” Of course, Aboy jumped all over it. We talked about it for hours and the only dilemma that we could think of is what we’ll do with our plants (all 27 of them) and turtle (whom I refuse to give away).


So, as I was walking out of the truck stop this morning – I picked up the latest edition of “Jobs for Teams”. As I was drinking my coffee, I read an article about a couple that did exactly what I proposed to Aboy. Get this – they’ve been doing it for 5 years and have made ONE MILLION DOLLARS in earnings to date!  Is that crazy?? One million in 5 years?!? With no bills! They live out of their truck and take their breaks in places like Vegas, Disney & the Grand Canyon!

This trucker thing is getting more and more appealing – I have to admit!

Anyone interested in babysitting a 40lb African Sulcata Tortoise for a few years?

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